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Nature Hike air mattress with inflater bag

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This is a single person lightweight air mattress with the hiker in mind. This air mat comes with the inflater bag designed to inflate the mat quickly and without mouth contact with the mat. Simply connect the bag to the mat, open it wide, close it up and roll it tight forcing the air into the mat. Not only this method is very quick but the bag can double up as a dry bag to keep your gear dry and can even be used as a pillow. Also included is an emergency repair patch in case of a mishaps on the trail. Please do not use or remove if not needed.




            Length: 76”

            width: 23”

            Height: 2.5”

            Packed size: 11.8” x 3.9”


            Packed weight: 1.5lbs

            Full package


            Lightweight: 1.3lbs

            Mat only no inflater bag


Rental price: $6/Day