How we Work

Step 1: Select your gear from our rental shop

Step 2: Select your dates.

Step 3: Add to cart.

Step 4. Check out.


At checkout you will be charged the total rental fee, Shipping (if applicable) and a deposit for the items you have picked. 

We then bundle up your items and have them ready for pick up at a pre-set location and time.

Once you are finished with the items you just drop them back off to us.

Once we have received our items back and have verified there is no damage (except for regular wear and tear), and it was returned on time you will be refunded the total amount of your deposit. 


**There will be a grace period of one day for late returns before being charged the full price of the items rented. **


All late returns without notice will forfeit the damage deposit and be charged for the extra days.


All late returns with notice will only be charged for the extra days.

*Notice* Extending rental days AFTER receiving your gear.



Lost or damaged equipment

If we receive our equipment back and it has been damaged (except for regular wear and tear) you will forfeit your damage deposit.

Every item will have its picture taken and condition documented before it is rented out. A copy of this will be given to the customer.

In the case of lost equipment, you will be charged the full price of the item(s) lost. No Exceptions. 





Cancellations will be refunded up to 72 hours before the date needed.

There will be no refunds for items once they have been picked up.


 Liability Waiver

OTA assumes no responsibility and is not liable for the safety of the
people who choose to use our gear on their own hikes or try any of the

hikes posted on our social media pages and web page.  
The responsibility is on the individuals themselves to exercise proper

care and safety while hiking in the wild.

By renting from us you agree that all personal safety and the safety of
those with you, is your responsibility and in no way can blame be
placed on OTA Gear Rental or any of its employees.